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Interview with H – Part 1

I discovered Pret A Porter P by H around the same time that I started blogging. Our styles are different. But that did not stop me from reading her blog voraciously and admiring her style. I felt an instant connection to what she wrote. In a world that celebrates over consumption and over exposure, her voice and style are authentic and very personal. For me, she nailed it when she wrote ‘Poor quality comes at all price ranges’.

H was really kind to indulge me with an interview! Here is the Part 1:

On Her Personal Style:

From reading your blog, I know that you could write a love letter to the color black! I am curious, when did dressing in black start?

Around 2004/2005ish, I was in fashion school and I had an embarrassing and nonsensical wardrobe. My goal was to look neat and put together so I had to get rid of a lot and start from scratch. The easiest and broke college student friendly way to do that was all black clothes. Plus around 2005, all black was the dress code for where I worked.

But when I’m off duty, especially in the summer, I do wear color and vibrant tropical prints.


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Cost Per Wear – Shoe Edition

In an effort to edit myself and my future purchases, I thought it would be a good idea to analyse my shoe collection. This is by no means a ‘show-me-your-best-shoes’ post. My shoe collection is neither breathtaking  nor inspirational. Most of my shoes are well used and I am happy about that.

As I am trying to achieve an edited wardrobe, putting things in writing makes me take stock of how much I already have, understand my  purchase mistakes and learn from them.  (Please note that an edited wardrobe doesn’t mean becoming a minimalist or going monochromatic for me).

EveryDay, Work Shoes

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