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2018 – Notes To Self

The first quarter of every year is starting to become the busiest one for me.  Unplanned trips, budget allocations for new projects, taxes and work permits. I apologize for being MIA and but here are my notes to self, a month into the new year. 

Style and Body Notes

Continue exercise routine. In the last quarter of 2017, I got into a regular exercise routine. I want to keep it going this year. Ride that bike. Go to the gym. Reduce coffee intake. Keep the sugars in check. As much as one would love to cut out all sugar, bread and butter, I don’t think it is sustainable for long. For me, moderation is the way to go. Moderation and Exercise. Why is this the 1st style resolution? Because looking good in clothes starts with taking care of the body, good posture and staying healthy. A well cared for body and a healthy mind are the epitome of luxury.

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