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Girl bought a bag

In the last quarter of 2017, I bought my first ‘high-end’ handbag. I feel embarrassed even writing the words ‘high-end’ or God forbid ‘luxury’. I admit that these are just fancy words to convey that the price is exorbitant and eye-watering. After about 2 years of looking and mulling over, I finally bit the bullet. I got a Chanel Double Flap. Nothing ground breaking. I will not bore you with the details of the actual bag. This is a bag which has been reviewed and re-reviewed all over the internet.

I only consulted one person (a blogger friend) in my decision making. She gave great advice and helped seal the deal. Thank you H!! There is nothing left to write about the actual bag and the brand. It has all been said before! So, I thought I will take a different route and talk about the bags that were serious contenders to the Chanel Double Flap. Read more