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Updates and Staying Course

Links I love:

This post by Lady Sarah was by far the best I read in recent times  – on how to slowly build an ethical, real fashion wardrobe. I will be revisiting this article over the course this year to help me stay on course.

PretAPorterP finds the best blogs around town! I believe Instant Vintage has been around for a while, but just new to me. Also, H at PretAPorterP concluded a ‘No Buy March’ Read more

Unpopular opinions & a few honest thoughts

Last year, I spent substantial amount of money buying high quality clothes, shoes and other apparel items (secondhand and new) in an attempt to build my first serious, work wardrobe. I have spent enough time with my purchases to realize that about 30% of them were bad choices. Now that my taxes are filed away, my first quarter deadlines met and shopping ban in full swing, I am in spring cleaning mode. I am donating, giving away or selling most of the things that did not work out me. I am hanging on to a few bad choices that I can still alter and use. I will not be replacing or buying anything new for a while.

All of this got me thinking about quite a few topics and I decided to be brutally honest for my own sake – about Consignment Shopping, Cost Per Wear, Ethical Fashion and Ethical Choices. This post spent quite some time in the drafts section. I debated about actually publishing it. My only request to anyone who takes the time to read it is to be frank and put me in my place if I got this wrong. Read more

Shopping Ban Update # 1

I thought it would be a good idea to do an update every few weeks.

Overall Thoughts: It’s going good. I haven’t been tempted to buy anything. But I was not able to stop myself from browsing online once in a while. Ebay and Poshmark are my poison of choice. I am happy to report that I am able to moderate the dosage of internet time when compared to before.

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Gifts from Singapore

In January this year, we visited our family in India. We also used this time to go on a short trip to Singapore. It was a blessing that everyone could take time off from work and got to travel with the entire brood (both sets of parents and our siblings).

The thing about Singapore is that there is no extraordinary view or one-of-its-kind beach you’ll have to check off your list. The country is super efficient, clean, and unique in being a city-country. All these make it the perfect family destination for a bit of R & R, lounging by the pool, and exploring the awesome food scene at a laid back pace.I will not bore you with the details of our family vacation.

I was really proud of myself for not going overboard in any of my shopping escapades during my entire vacation (India and Singapore). So, I decided to treat myself to a couple of nice things at the Singapore airport duty free stores on our way back.


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence:  Read more

2017- Time for a 2nd Shopping Ban


Last year I did my first shopping ban and I lasted 3 months without shopping. I have never done anything like that ever before. I kept thinking, “I like this. I love shutting down the consumer beast within me for a while”. Read more

Things completed

Things completed1.jpg

Two bottles of CK Beauty: This is my go-to perfume for every day. CK is as mainstream as it gets, but I love this Jasmine fragrance. Read more

Best of 2016 – Style Edition

Changed Lay1.jpg

1. Comme Des Garcon Play Striped Tee: This is turning out to be my favorite t shirt of all time. It costs 10 times as much as Gap Tee and about 4 times as much as an Everlane Striped Tee. I am yet to find out if the ‘Made in  Japan’ tag lives up to its hype. If you go strictly by cost per wear, it should last at least 100 wears without even trying too hard.

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