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Do I need a Clarisonic?


At the end of last year, I took advantage of the Black Friday sale at Sephora and bought the Clarisonic Mia Fit. I’ve never owned or used the Clarisonic before, though I did own a ‘clarisonic-look-alike’ (in 2014-15). I thought it would be a good to try the real one to exfoliate and scrub away dry skin caused by Retinol.

Initial thoughts: Read more

Anya Hindmarch Inflight Travel MakeUp Bag

I have a thing for British Designers – Anya Hindmarch, Victoria Beckham (She really has come a long way in her designs!) J W Anderson. The not-so-new crop of designers from across the pond hold my interest more than the American ones, may be because they are not entirely commercialized and splashed over every magazine here? Maybe they retain a sense of quirkiness and mix it well with quality fashion? I really don’t know.

I have heard mixed reviews about Anya Hindmarch bags. I absolutely abhor those fur charms. There is no need for them. A silk twill or a beautiful non-fur charm would do just fine if you absolutely need to accessorize your bag! Real fur charms on bags is one trend that I hope will die in 2018. And that goes for all bag designers and fashion houses including Fendi, the evil father of all fur charms. Read more

Coming Back & Finding Rhythm


The last few weeks months have been an overdose of stress, work deadlines, disappointments and frustrations. I just did not have the energy or inclination to write. The zeal to write, share, talk was just not there. In the beginning, it was not a conscious decision to take a break. But, at some point in June, I decided that it was a good thing to to step away.  In a way, it is a good thing when you go away and come back with new energy. I have a few posts in mind for the next few weeks. Let us start with a quick catch up. Read more

My Favorite Blogs

I finally made time to list my favorite blogs. These are some of my regular weekly reads. They are written by women whose sole purpose is NOT dressing up and taking beautiful pictures. They have real lives, real jobs and good style is only a part of their repertoire.

I love that they use what they already have instead of buying new stuff each time. I love that they know quality when they see it. I love that they know what works for them. I love that they don’t buy every IT bag and trending item. Most importantly, I love that they keep it real.

You can find the list in the top menu, under Love 🙂

I will keep updating it as I find new reads.


Style By – Part 2

You can find the part 1 here.

16. Last buy :

Tod’s  Loafers for my husband.

17. Next buy :

Manolo Blahnik BB Pumps or Nausikaba in Black Patent. I am trying to do a Shopping Ban until the end of October. Let us see if I last that long!

18. Would never wear :

Very high heels, Body Con Dresses, Mini Skirts (Just don’t have the body for it!)

19. Wardrobe you envy :

Admire a few. Envy – I can’t think of any.

20. Beauty:

1. A goodnight’s sleep does wonders. I am not a makeup person. The only exception is a good lipstick.


I cannot pull off red. Berry tones are my go to shades.

2. A simple blowout makes me shop less. I think a good haircut is a the best makeover you can give yourself. Read more

Is Silk always better than Polyester? – Part 2

Note: When I sat down to write this opinion post, it became so long that I decided to break it up into 3 parts. I’d recommend you start with the Part 1 here. Below is the Part 22349143074_1_1_1

So here we are! Let us discuss the negatives of Polyester first and look at each of them in detail.

Cons of Polyester:

Read more