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About Me

“Reduce the complexity of life by eliminating the needless wants of life, and the labors of life reduce themselves.”~ Edwin Way Teale

This blog is a culmination of my interests, dreams and frustrations. It is part journal, and part field notes on things and places that I encounter, experience and like. I care about the way I think, dress, talk, and live. This blog is my attempt to share, learn and constantly improve myself. I strive to write the blog I’d like to read.

I was born and brought up in India. I am a daughter and granddaughter of farmers and teachers. Even with modest means, they led and continue to lead luxurious lives. The books they read, the food they eat, the clothes they wear are the best they can afford to buy or produce. All of them worked hard during their lives and continue to do so. I don’t remember my grandmother ever sitting idle before bedtime. She grew her own vegetables, raised  chickens for eggs, had the best flowering garden in her village and made clothes for me and my cousins.

Between my parents, I always thought that my dad had a greater influence/impact on my life. But as I grow older, I am starting to realize how much my mom taught me over the years. Some simple rules they lived by and taught me:

1. Quality matters – Be it food, housewares or clothes. Be slow when buying and slow when discarding.
2. Stuff should make life easier, not complex.
3. If you can grow it / make it/ mend it, at least TRY.
4. Keep lifestyle inflation and peer pressure at bay. No good comes out of it.
5. Always ask yourself ‘Do I really like it? OR Have I been programmed to think I like it?’

Along the way, as a petulant teenager and young working woman in my early twenties, I forgot the things my family taught me. When you are young, you live a little recklessly and try to detach from your roots and be your own individual. I definitely did that. With this blog, I am trying to unlearn some of the bad, so called ‘cool’ habits that picked up over the last decade. I am starting to remember and practice the good ones.

A few things about this blog.

1. I write about personal style and fashion. But, this is not a fashion or a style blog. I couldn’t write one even if I tried to. I am an ordinary looking girl with ordinary clothes and an ordinary job. I happen to like fashion and style among other things. I love to read and learn about designers and their creative process. I also try to research and understand consumerism to better control my own behavior and spending patterns.

2. My blog doesn’t make any money for me and I don’t think I’ll ever monetize it. Even when I link a product, it doesn’t have a referral link. The WordPress hosting bills and photography equipment make me poorer if anything! I don’t want it any other way. I have no business reviewing or recommending things that I cannot afford to buy with my own money. If I receive a gift or a request to review something, I will most definitely let you know the details.

3. My intention isn’t to become a strict disciplinarian with my lifestyle and take fun out of it. I am NOT trying to achieve minimalism or veganism, or follow the french 5 or project 333. I’d like to try all of them or as many as I can. The intent is to learn the good from them and edit out things that won’t work for me or my family. I don’t want to put a tag on it.

4. My etymology and background are nothing special or unique. I know enough men and women who have a similar history as mine. I keep meeting more of them through blogging! My main intent is to trigger honest discussions and hear about people’s trials, tribulations and successes in their everyday lives. There is so much to hear, share and get inspired by. The need to reach out and connect with like minded people is intrinsic with in all of us. I’d like to promote that in my own little way, through this blog.

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