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Anya Hindmarch Inflight Travel MakeUp Bag

I have a thing for British Designers – Anya Hindmarch, Victoria Beckham (She really has come a long way in her designs!) J W Anderson. The not-so-new crop of designers from across the pond hold my interest more than the American ones, may be because they are not entirely commercialized and splashed over every magazine here? Maybe they retain a sense of quirkiness and mix it well with quality fashion? I really don’t know.

I have heard mixed reviews about Anya Hindmarch bags. I absolutely abhor those fur charms. There is no need for them. A silk twill or a beautiful non-fur charm would do just fine if you absolutely need to accessorize your bag! Real fur charms on bags is one trend that I hope will die in 2018. And that goes for all bag designers and fashion houses including Fendi, the evil father of all fur charms.Coming back to the topic on hand, Anya Hindmarch bags seem to be of decent-to-good quality. The few bags I have seen in person were well made – stitching, leather, inner lining and design. I really don’t care for all the stickers, but some of her bags have clean lines and seem to be well thought out. I like the design and look of Vere Satchel, though I am not ready to make a purchase yet.

While I wait for Anya to design a handbag that may convince me to open my wallet, let me review one of the make up bags I bought from her brand a while ago. The Anya Hindmarch Inflight Travel Make Up bag.


  1. Right of the bat, I am going to admit that it is expensive for a make up bag. Who really needs a leather trimmed make up bag? One where 90% of the surface area is made of PVC? For a price upwards of $200 USD? No One.  But here we are and I bought it, because I loved the design concept. I had it on my wishlist for a long time and finally bit the bullet at the end of 2017.
  2. The quality of the leather trim is good and the stitching feels robust. It comes in a multitude of colors. I hear that most of Anya Hindmarch products are available at international airports (UK, Australia) and you actually save a bit when you buy at the airport. I bought it on
  3. The bag more or less holds it’s structure and doesn’t collapse into itself even when you don’t have products.3
  4. The PVC/ Plastic quality is better than any other see-through make up pouches I have seen. But, I have learnt the hard way that keeping anything with sharp corners will make dents. Lesson Learnt. Now I know what will not go into this bag. If this was a cheaply made PVC bag, it would have a few holes by now.
  5. The dimensions of the bag make it hard to store larger sized bottles or products or a full length hair brush. But, nevertheless, it hold quite a bit – lipsticks, a eye shadow palette, sheet masks, travel size bottles of moisturizes, perfume and serums.
  6. I especially like the touch-down side, where I can store sheet masks, panty liners and everything else which comes in a sachet.
  7. The bag comes with dustbag. I have been using the dustbag to store a pair of wool socks along with the makeupbag itself to use while on the flight. It has enough place to hold a few more things along with the makeup bag. 4
  8. A very good dupe of the bag at a more reasonable price point is from Mecca Cosmetics. Unfortunately, they don’t ship international. For my friends down under, this is a great option.

Overall, Do I love it? Yes. Do I need it? No.

Usability: 3.5 / 5                 Quality: 4 / 5                    Price: 2 / 5

Bottom line: Given the quality, usability and overall purpose, this bag should NOT cost more than $150.

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  1. That is a lovely item to handle and I agree about excellent design concept. Luxury should be about items we use – it is a nice update on a cosmetics ‘train case’.

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    January 7, 2018
    • SA. #

      Thank you Lady Sarah! I look forward to using it well on all my travels this year.

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      January 7, 2018
      • see? You did need it after all! 🙂 But it could easily be used as a cosmetics pouch for the gym for yoga for long weekends… Possibilities are endless here.

        Personally I think its money well spend – I am always amazed when I see people who spend lavishly on an expensive bag for ‘show’ but items for personal use are poor quality with no thought put into them.


        January 8, 2018
  2. If it’s cute and makes you happy, then why not?
    Fendi in general is historically a fur house.

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    January 8, 2018
    • SA. #

      It most definitely makes me happy 😊. I have been treating myself to things that err on the ‘cute’ side recently. About Fendi, yes, you are right! I have nothing against vintage furs and Furriers from the past era. But I feel their time is up. With great quality cashmere, wools and thermal insulations in coats, I don’t think we need furs as we did in the past. You can always get faux fur. But each one to his own!

      I use leather extensively and I don’t really feel comfortable saying others shouldn’t be using furs. Just that, those fur charms look like something a pet cat would want to play with or chase after. Also, I think they take away from the beauty of the bag.

      Fur and Mink coats are still big in Northern Asia ( Northern China and Russia). During my time in China, I used to see quite a few ladies looking like they were heading to mafia meetings🤐

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      January 8, 2018
  3. maiastras #

    Back when she was known for her funky print bags, Anya Hindmarch used to design the free Dopp kits that airlines give out in first and business class. I think it was for British airlines. My classmate had one that she got from her aunt. Both my friend and I use a similar zippered pouch by Agnes. B that says “bon voyage!” Having nice accessories makes travel so much more enjoyable. My mother has an assortment of fancy leather Dopp kits that she rotates. I’m not quite there yet.

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    January 8, 2018
    • SA. #

      I did not know this!! Thank you for sharing. Your mother’s Dopp Kits sound so beautiful. The older I get, the more I value quality luggage items (not necessarily expensive) and other small luxuries.

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      January 13, 2018
  4. I have never even thought to get transparent PVC, but that seems like such an obvious choice now that I think about it! Admittedly my toiletries bag is quite spartan, but even so, it could be so much more efficient.

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    January 14, 2018
    • SA. #

      The transparent PVC and double sided style were what first drew me to it. I would love to see what dapper men pack in their toiletries bags!! 🙂

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      January 14, 2018

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