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The Shoe that got away.. and a small wishlist

The one that got away..

Charlotte Olympia PVC Pumps in Blue Satin: Charlotte Olympia styles range from Kitschy Kitty Flats to very high platform heels. But, these Satin pumps were understated and very comfortable in real life. They are a deep shade of royal blue in person. The sad part? The last size available was a 35 (one full size bigger than my size). I keep hoping that she will do a similar style, next year. Many shoe designers did and keep doing the PVC Trim, but hers are the only ones I like.



1. Black Patent Single Sole pumps: I would like to add these to my everyday work shoes. It’s surprising that I don’t have a good pair of black pumps. I used to own a pair from Isola that I donated this year. The shape was very old fashioned and they were very uncomfortable. The next time I buy black pumps, they have to be a classic style/ silhouette and comfortable. I have heard that MB makes the most comfortable pumps of all. Let’s see how these fare against pumps from Ferragamo or Jimmy Choo when the time comes. I am not ready to drop close to $650 any time soon.


2. Ferragamo Vara pumps in a interesting color combo: To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Vara, Ferragamo let women pick colors for their Vara pumps and manufactured them in 2013. Hopefully, they will repeat it for the 40th anniversary and I can snag a pair?  Just take a look at the colors below. That red and navy pair – Be still my heart! (This may sit on my wishlist until Ferragamo designers decide to offer ‘dual tone’ vara pumps)


2013 – Salvatore Ferragamo Vara Customized Collection

3. Navy/ Blue pumps –  I don’t really have a preference of brand or design for this. I just want a pair of beautiful blue shoes. I haven’t gotten over those Charlotte Olympia Satin pumps.  This are not really a must-have. Heck, 75% of my shoes are ‘nice-to-have’.

This year, I made a new rule for myself that I will not own more than 15 pairs of shoes at any point. This count includes sandals, beach slip ons, hiking and running shoes and winter boots. I plan on selling / donating few of the shoes I already own. You can see the whole list of shoes I own and my cost per wear analysis here. 2017 is a new year and I may surprise myself and bring down that number significantly!

Do you have a shoe wish list? What are your most used shoes?

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  1. I hate to admit it but my Adidas Stan Smith sneakers are the shoes I wear the most. I can’t help myself. Comfort over everything else. I’m sure if I worked in a more formal office my answer would be different but I can get away with sneakers on a daily basis.

    I love those patent black heels. So chic! Are you okay with those thin heels? I find them very uncomfortable so the only pair of heels that I own has a simple block heel.


    October 22, 2016
  2. SA #

    I think Adidas Stan Smiths are beautiful. They go wonderfully well with cropped jeans, boyfriend jeans and sometimes even with a dress! I have a pair of Hush Puppies that I wear when I am running errands. They are super comfortable and in my opinion, beautiful. I own a pair of nude patent heels, similar to these black ones in design. I think the trick is to always stay under 3 inches. and then the really good quality ones come with good amount of padding in the ball of the foot area.

    Having said that, I can by no means run errands in those shoes. I have a a very sedentary job and l just walk around to meeting rooms! So it works out. I hope you do a review of your favorite shoes, I’d love to read 🙂


    October 22, 2016
  3. Pret a Porter P #

    I once saw a pair of those ferragamos that were silver metallic and looked like shattered glass. Very cool.
    I used to want a pair of the Balenciaga arena flats, until I got them and they ran too small. Dream over haha!


    November 6, 2016
    • SA. #

      Shattered glass!! That sounds wonderful.Uh!! The pain of finding something you love and the size is wrong!! Your collection of boots in your pictures are awesome!


      November 6, 2016

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