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Trends Lately..

In the last two years, the fashion world has given us quite a few bad  trends (at least that’s how I see them). I cringe every time I  think about the amount of fashion waste we generate together. This post is just me venting my frustration. Please forgive the sarcasm in my tone. When it comes fashion and style, I cannot hide it!

  1. Drop shoulders: Why? What happened to good tailoring? How did we go from tailored to relaxed to borrowed from the boys to droopy / dropped shoulders. Dear fashion retailers and designers, for you the whole drop shoulders seems to convey relaxed and effortless. On most people, it looks like they came out wearing their oversized sleep shirts. Add to this that most of those t shirts look old and shapeless with a couple of washes. As much as you want us to look like the french chic girl who has the perfectly imperfect bed head or top knot and is  actually an avant-garde painter  or a budding ballerina that lives in a striped uniform, No! we cannot all be her. So, please stop.3733052a8c71c3371a423a12885bdc71


    This  beautiful lady rocks the whole slightly over-sized, drop shoulder T. But most normal women would look like they got out wearing their boyfriend’s/ husband’s old t shirt.

  2. Bare shoulders or off shoulders: I am starting to think it is NOT an anomaly that yet another trend has to do with shoulders. Some of the tops in this trend look like wardrobe malfunctions waiting to happen.  I am afraid that women with anything bigger than B cup may experience a ‘slip off’ with these tops. The feminist in me totally supports the whole ‘free the nipple campaign’. More power to you! But what about us? – the women who don’t feel a need to free the nipple or don’t want to free the nipple? How do so many fashion bloggers wear this so nonchalantly in their blog photos and street style posts? Are they not afraid about flashing their strapless bras? More importantly, where do you go wearing these kind of tops? To Costco’s freezer sections? To work? To the doctor’s office?


Do tops with elastics around the shoulders stay in place?? More importantly, who would destroy a strip shirt (pic to the right) and wear it this way?


The street style version looks equally bad. I get it, your tan looks great! May be just wear a skirt if you want to show it off?

3. The return of bodycon and Naked Dresses: Again, why? We already know how most celebrity bodies look. Between social media, full spread magazine photos and enough perfume commercials, there is not much left to imagination. Heck, my unborn child already knows how Kim K’s bum looks like. There is no escaping it. Then why do we still have so many Naked dresses in town? Of all the venues, the 2015 Met Gala? This is one place where designers can show off their most beautiful, craziest pieces of clothing modeled by some of the most beautiful women. The only rule you had to stick to was the theme – interpreted literally or metaphorically – China Through the Looking Glass. Then why did so many of the designers decide to do “Booty through the naked dress” ??kim-kardashian-west-met-gala-2015-best-dressed1.jpg


4. Fur Doll charms on your designer bags: Either you think this is such a great high brow-low brow reference or you are getting so many ‘It bags’ for free, that it seemed like a ‘good investment’ to spend close to a $1000 on a fur charm. No wonder some men think fashion is stupid. The argument that those charms are made of real rabbit, mink, fox fur is definitely NOT helping anyone’s case!! They remind me of ‘key chain sanitizers’ attached to bags and Doraemon charms on children’s bags.

A few years ago, mobile apps and games were sprouting like nobody’s business and every tech / gaming company was offering some app (some of them good, some of them bad) for $1.99. I distinctly remember seeing an app for $99.99. The whole purpose of the app was to flash a screen saying ‘I AM  RICH’ when you unlock your phone! Surprisingly, there were more than a few thousand downloads on that app. These fur charms remind me of that app. Sorry, Rant over!

fur charms.png

A grand on these things? Why ??

5. Pom Poms: I  know that most of us still have an pre-teen hiding inside our liberated, womanly bodies. How else am I supposed to explain this love for Pom Poms on everything this year? Unless, you still love cotton candy, shocking pink and secretly throw parties for your dolls, why would you wear this?  I cannot fathom what daily business you can attend to and be taken seriously while sporting pom poms.?

Fashion trend pom poms.png

Pom poms at their best belong to children and at the most belong to adults on vacation or at the beach!

6. Straw Bags and Basket Bags: Really? Straw Bags on NewYork women? Don’t get me started on the Jane Birkin tangent. I will not be able stop telling how she is one of the most overrated actor, singer / fashion inspiration out there! That is a whole new post. Unless you really live on a farm or raise chickens, Straw Bags are not meant for you. Straw Bags belong to my grandma who actually lived on a farm and raised chickens among other things. If you are really heading to the beach or the pool and actually own a straw bag already, by all means use it! But, why would you be dressed like you are going to work and then carry a Straw bag or Basket Bag?? Dear bloggers, this year you went from Chloe bags to Gucci floral bags to  ‘I-am-so-cool-that-I-can-rock-a-basket-bag’. (Sarcastic Slow Clap!)


Careful with those eggs!

My intention was not to rag on anyone. I think, in the name of fashion, brands and retailers churn out  absolute waste that gets discarded, come next year. Are there any trends you don’t like? What are you pet peeves? I would love to know..



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  1. The off-the-shoulder tops annoy me to no end. I don’t find them aesthetically pleasing but my biggest issue is that they are confining and restrict movement which is a terrible statement from a feminist perspective. Although I wouldn’t worry about freeing the nipple unwillingly as much as about the elastic part riding up, instead of staying at shoulder level. In any case, a bad idea.

    I don’t get the straw bags either, except for picnics. Even for the beach, unless they are flexible bags not actual baskets, they seem terribly impractical. They do look good in pictures (and in person often), and that’s all they have going for them. And that is also the reason why I wouldn’t hold it against anyone if they fell for any of these trends: we all fall for pretty pictures.

    I am very intrigued by your Jane Birkin post to come! Looking forward to that 🙂


    October 10, 2016
    • SA. #

      Hi Lori, that is such a thoughtful comment. Yes, come to think of it, those off shoulder tops are actually confining! I know what you mean when you say falling for trends. At the beginning of this year, I really fell for wrap sandals looking at all the pictures and bought the most impractical pair. It is hard for any of us to escape trends when they are constantly shown to us all over the internet. I am just starting to control my impulse for buying clothes and things that I don’t actually use or need.


      October 11, 2016
  2. 1. Every generation has a Kardashian figure. And people cant quite place their finger on why exactly is this celebrity adored. Jane Birkin has a fantastic personal style. But it makes me sad as to how she fell of the face of the chic-worshippers after she acquired a few wrinkles. I discovered her through style muse sort of blog posts. All the photographs are from her 20s where she is happy and barefoot. When I discovered that she is alive and still very stylish, it made me angry as to how her current self is ignored for a sexier younger version.

    2. I had a straw bag when I was 5, because we couldnt afford a leather bag. It chafes agaisnt your clothes and ruins the fabric. It needs to be carried a certain way. I just do not see why modern women with access to leather or plastic bags would want to carry a straw bag just because its supposed to be french chic.I want one for farmers market. It helps your produce breathe. But wont because I dont want to ruin my clothes. Cloth tote bags will do for now.

    3. Lets start a parody webpage ? We will sell a french chic minimalist starter kit. Striped top, high wasted denim, pumps, tod’s loafers, straw bag, a trench coat, … you know, the formula.

    4. I adore chiseled arms. I work really hard to earn mine. Exercise and weight training. The idea of rounded shoulders really annoys me. I have been called fat phobic before, when I said these words out loud.

    5. Self portrait makes some naked dresses for people who dont walk the red carpet. They seem to be popular.

    I dont know why but your blog doesnt show up in my wordpress feed. Did anyone else complain ?


    October 30, 2016
  3. SA. #

    1. About Jane Birkin, I have very mixed feelings. Her younger days that are glorified on quite a few blogs – I don’t know if she really inspires me in any way. Don’t get me wrong – she did dress well and looks happy. But there are enough photos and stories of her that don’t seem very chic, when I see or read about them. Also, compared to how everyone in Britain dressed during her time, her style was nothing unique. Everyone really dressed well. Majority of the women in her age group wore beautiful high waisted jeans.That’s why I said, I will have to do a separate post on her, if I get started. I absolutely have no problem with her growing old. I think women just get beautiful with age.

    2. Farmers Market! That is the perfect place for a straw bag. Thanks for mentioning that! I just don’t understand what modern women,in the OOTD outfits are doing carrying straw bags.

    3. Let us do that! I mean it.. I think we should do french chic, and another whole post about ‘I-wear-ugly-ill-fitting-clothes-because-I-totally-understand-fashion’. There is a formula there too.

    4. I love good arms. Sadly, this year, I have been a couch potato. But I actually love toned arms. I am not fat phobic either. I love and appreciate a good work out and people putting work into making themselves look good and staying healthy. Well, if that is fat phobic, I don’t know when it is OK to say that I like to work out 🙂

    5. Self Portrait makes quite a few beautiful dresses. Some of them are a little over the top for my taste. But, tere is some clever use of skin color lining there and their quality is great.

    I am not sure. No one has complained. I’ll have to check. Thank you for stopping by!


    November 1, 2016
  4. Okay, I see your point, Jane Birkin is a tired style and people should be themselves instead of obsessing over being like Jane Birkin, “the epitome of French girl chick” (although I have no idea why she as heralded as such, since she is English, but I digress). I have been saying for YEARS that people should stop carrying around $5000-$100,000 Hermes Birkin bags and go to the thrift store and buy a $2 basket if they really want to be like Jane Birkin. So in my opinion, this is a very sensible trend.


    January 8, 2017
    • SA. #

      I apologize for not replying back sooner. I’ve been traveling in India and just saw your comment!
      I totally agree with everything you said here. Jane Birkin is English and half the 70’s women wore those high-waisted jeans with basic t shirts. I don’t see how she is the epitome of FRENCH style? (even in her time). I think it is just the current generation fawning over a minimalist style from the past. All I want to say is ‘Guess what? your own mother wore that during her college days’. You summed up my sentiments about baskets perfectly. If you really like them, get one from thrift store. I just find it slightly amusing when people dress up to the nines and then carry a basket because everyone says it is ‘cool’.


      January 26, 2017
  5. P.s. Don’t forget to write about the Jane Birkin naked dress!!!
    Personally, I love naked dresses. I think it’s a fun statement. We already know what their bodies look like, so what’s the big deal? Frankly, I would like to see the naked dress expand to people with other body types. People should relax about bodies.


    January 8, 2017
    • SA. #

      Oh yes, I have a little snippet planned on that particular dress. I find it hilarious when people associate ‘classy’ and ‘chic’ with Jane Birkin all the time 🙂

      I really have no issue with naked dresses per se. But, when a designer has the chance to showcase the best of Haute Couture, with the theme of China, and he/she presents yet another run-of-the-mill naked dress that Kim Kardashian could have just worn to one of her over top red carpet appearances, don’t see anything to appreciate.


      January 26, 2017
  6. So funny! I laughed a lot when reading this. It inspired me to share my view on ridiculous trends, would you mind if I borrow the idea?

    In my country, women who wear the dropped shoulders most often are those with not so pretty shoulders/plus size. There is nothing bad about the body type but this element really doesn’t look good on them. Actually, it doesn’t look good generally on anybody, haha.

    The woman with off-shoulder shirt with an orange skirt looks like if the shirt was so badly damaged that she didn’t have any other option but to tie it like this to hide holes, stains, or whatever.


    February 18, 2017
    • SA. #

      Please do! I would love to read your view on these crazy trends. You are so right about those drop shoulders. Yes, those off-shoulder shirts look like the person is trying too hard. Besides, I feel such blouses confine movement.


      February 23, 2017

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