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Things that I want but don’t need…

This is pretty much a list of what I am coveting right now. For each item, I wrote my own reasons for ‘talking myself out of it’. Well, it is more fun to reason with yourself than just buying stuff!

#1 Camel Coat: I want a luxurious wool camel coat. I love the look of  Joseph Man Coats and Max Mara ones.

Camel Coats.png

  • I am not sure if a camel coat inspired by men’s tailoring will look good on me.
  • Living in Arizona, I don’t see myself getting the best wear out of it. It could end up being too expensive, unless I wear it for at least a decade from now.

#2 Manolo Blahnik / Jimmy Choo Black Pumps: I have been talking about getting a pair of these for a while now._11492355

  •  I have too many shoes at this point. I am worried that I might not actually wear these pumps enough to justify their price.
  • I am not sure about the wear and tear of both these brands. I am the kind of person who will wear the same shoes 3 days in a row.

#3 Manolo Blahnik Hangisi: I want to buy a ‘show stopper’ pair of shoes! The kind of shoes that elevate an outfit.

Lea Michele

  • I am afraid that they look beautiful only in my head and I would end up looking a little ‘too cute?’
  • They cost about a $1000! Enough said!!

#4 Dresses from MM LaFleur: I want to add two dresses to my ‘work uniform’. MM LaFleur‘s is a working girl’s answer to Everlane. I love their line up and their story.


  • Of all the above, I would definitely get great use out of these work dresses. Just that the price and the lack of promotional 40% off that I got used to at other retailers is making me hesitate.
  • I prefer the cost per wear for my work clothes to be less than $5. So with each dress around the $200 mark, I need to get AT LEAST 40 wears out of each dress. Decisions, Decisions!

#5 Checkered or Gingham Print Midi Dress: I love a good midi dress. I have these two on the radar.Checked Dress.jpg

  • My shopping ban is stopping me. I ask myself if I could wear either of them for work! Stalling, Stalling!
  • My closet is overflowing with clothes I cannot wear to work. So, I want to revisit these two items after a month. Chances are they will be sold or discounted or even better, I’d have forgotten about them


#6 Chanel Double Flap bag:  No bells and whistles. Not the Boy Bag, not the chevron style. Just the good old double flap quilted bag. This would be the my ultimate style purchase.

  • I could buy so many other things with that money.
  • Every fashion blogger has one.
  • I can’t justify buying it until I have achieved a personal or a career milestone. That just makes me want to work extra hard. Fingers crossed.

#7 Celine Box Bag: This is the one bag I fall in love with each time I look at it. I prefer the mini on my person. But, I keep mulling over this for two reasons:Celine collage.png

  • The price! I cannot buy the Chanel Flap and a Celine Box Bag. I wouldn’t get enough use out of both,  if I had both!
  • The Mini barely fits anything!

#8 Carolina Herrera / Oscar De La Renta Dress in Silk: I have been wanting a beautiful silk dress for a while now.marc0484-1366x2048

  • I don’t have an occasion to wear it. So, I better save my money and actually buy it when there is an occasion!
  • I already have enough party/ cocktail dresses already! There is The RealReal whenever I need it.

The count stands at:

Coats/ Jackets: 1, Shoes: 2, Dresses: 4, Bags: 2

What is on your wishlist this fall? Do you talk yourself out of purchases?

Update: As of 2017, I only purchased one item from this wishlist. A Chanel Double flap. I am glad to have survived this wishlist without trying to hard. Personally Shopping bans work well for me, especially when done for brief periods.

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  1. Oscar De La Renta changed my life, for the good and the bad. The good because I owned a dress that i sold recently. It was so beautiful. It was as close to a fairy tale as it can get. Bad because it was of such impeccable quality and everything else feels ill designed and low quality. I was looking at a wool dress recently and was complaining to myself about how the quality doesnt compare . It ruined me for good.

    Upvote for the box bag.


    October 2, 2016
  2. SA. #

    I owned one Oscar de La Renta green cotton pleated dress for a short while. It was so well done. But, I put on weight and had to sell it. I love everything De La Renta. The dresses are so well made and flattering on normal women!


    October 2, 2016
  3. maiastras #

    This is such a great post. I like reading about your thought processes. I frequently make these lists on my own, and have an internal dialogue about pros and cons – I’m glad to know that I’m not alone. I have been dreaming about/seriously considering the Hangisi pumps for my upcoming wedding, but I’m wondering if I should get the flats instead to get more wear out of them. I am justifying the cost because I’m not spending any money on the rest of my trousseau…but maybe I should get something more practical? I rarely wear heels…

    As for the MM. Lafleur dresses, I highly recommend getting them. I have the Annabel dress in black, which is comfortable but flattering. If anything I think I wore it too much, so I definitely got my money’s worth and may need to buy another one.


    November 7, 2016
  4. SA. #

    Thank you for stopping by! The idea of Hangisi flats sounds so appealing and freeing. But, I love a good, under 3 inches heels as I am pretty much vertically challenged. Thank you for recommending MM. Lafluer. I am going to get one for sure by the end of this year. I can’t wait to read more posts from you soon!


    November 8, 2016

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