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StyleBy – Part 1

Archana inspired me to do my own Style By post. Here is a peek into my closet and style.

1. Style:

Relaxed, yet distinctly feminine. More Italian than Parisian. Love prints and ‘uniforms with a twist’ for everyday life. Influenced by my dad’s style. Constantly trying to incorporate Japanese sensuality without being remotely Kawaii.


A person’s hobbies and interests, influence his or her style. Here are few things and people I love – Cherry Blossoms, Franca Sozzani, Grecian inspired jewelry, Emeralds, Lapis Lazuli, Animal and Floral Motifs, Katherine Hepburn and then Katherine Hepburn in Desk Set, Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy. Muted Indian Brocade, the colors White, Green, Blue – Let me stop here.

2. Everyday uniform:

A dress every single day – A Midi Dress/ A Silk Shirt Dress / Cotton Dress + Single Sole pumps under 3 inches


3. Party style:

Lace Dress / Silk Print dresses / Midi Skirt with Knit Tops + simple heels.

4. Bags:

Weekday Bag: Dagne Dover Mini Tote in Cobalt Blue. I wish I could carry their 13-inch tote, but it is too big on my person.

Current Weekend Bags: Brown Cambridge Satchel Saddle Bag, Longchamp Crossbody, Christian Lacroix Quilted Bagbags1

5. Shoes:

Ferragamo Vara Pumps and nondescript Single Sole pumps. I am on an eternal search for comfortable pumps. I’ve given up on finding  a beautiful looking block heel sandal in my size.

6. Jeans:

Madewell and Lucky’s Boyfriend jeans. I have been wanting to explore Raw Denim: I hear mixed reviews.

7. Star item:

Anything Lace or Silk Prints.


8. Best Buy:

Madewell Ankle Boots, Everyday work clothes, My Ferragamo Vara Pumps, Most of my everyday jewelry

9. Inspiration:

Women who make a difference at their workplace, in their everyday life. Women who have achieved ‘Zen’ / ‘Nirvana’ in life. Women who embrace their age, women who genuinely help other women.

10. Style tip:

Tip #1: For Petites, buying dresses with slightly higher waist definition than their natural waist helps. Despite of being really tall Kate Middleton dresses are cut to sit slightly above her natural waist.


Tip #2: Unless, you are taller than 5′ 6″, please do not wear ankle strap  sandals and shoes. Trust me on this one.

11. Shopping personality:

I tend to buy for a life I don’t have. More Party dresses than work wear. More than 50% of my clothes are weekend and party wear. I wish I had more self control and did not buy such ‘one off’ pieces. I am learning. I started keeping a tab of everything I buy and everything I wear this year. Hopefully, I will see improvements.

12. Shopping tip:

Always do a seasonal assessment of what you already have in your closet. Keep a wishlist to stall impulse buys. Understand what silhouettes look good on you and find clothes in those shapes.

13. Can’t get enough of:

Prints! I love a good print – both muted and loud ones! When done well, lace is another of my weaknesses.


14.  Most used:

My everyday jewelry, most of it, acquired over the years, from countries that I have lived in.My shoes – I have finally figured out what works for me.


15. Oldest item:

Most of wardrobe has been overhauled in the last two years! But this Zara dress traveled across 3 countries with me and is more than 5 years old.


Continued in Part 2…

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  1. I somehow missed this post. And thank you for linking me.

    Your red bag is so damn gorgeous. Its the perfect shade of red in my opinion.

    Everyone I know who owns Ferragamo pumps have them in their best purchase list. That says something ! I wish the company would make a pair without the bow. Please Ferragamo, are you listening ?


    October 2, 2016
  2. SA. #

    Thank you for doing the list Archana! That bag was bought at the HongKong airport. The price was unbeatable. Now that Paul Andrew is going to design for Ferragamo, I hope he reinterprets the Vara without the bow 🙂 I’d love that too..


    October 2, 2016

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