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Lessons Learnt – Shoe Edition

In continuation of my last post, here are the lessons that I learnt from buying and using some good shoes in the past few years. These are my ‘field notes’ after years of  buying bad shoes, and then learning to buy some quality ones.

Practical Tips


If you don’t LOVE those shoes on day 1, you won’t like them later on. So, wear the heck out of new shoes on the carpet at home for 14 days and return them if they don’t get comfortable or feel right for you! No one should suffer in bad or ill-fitting shoes.

2. Find the material that works for you.

Kid, Calf, Pebbled, Grained, Patent, Suede, Nubuck – for me it is Patent leather for every day shoes and Kid leather for boots. The weather in Arizona doesn’t provide much scope for OTK boots or Suede shoes. Also, Suede wears out much faster and needs more TLC. While the idea of sitting down to take care of my shoes is very romantic, I have limited time in my day. Though I admire the slow paced life, I have an extremely busy job. I work more than 13 hours on most days and ‘clean up’ is not my ‘de-stressing mechanism’. I am working on changing this. But for now, Patent Leather will do.

3. Find your ‘sweet spot height’


Manolo Blahnik Heel Height Custom Options

My really good friend who stays in NJ does a lot of walking during her commute. So Flats are her go to shoe style.

In my case, it’s between 1 and 2 inches for work.  If I’m going to do rigorous walking during travel, flats it is! I draw the line at 3 inches for occasional wear / party shoes. I’ll never be comfortable in anything more than 75 mm. No Louboutins for me!

4. Weekend Shoes


As beautiful as they look, these really don’t go with my normal everyday work clothes

I have to remind myself that the weekend is only 2 days of the week and my wardrobe composition shouldn’t be skewed towards those 2 days. I’m neither a globe trotting fashionista nor do I have a job where showing creativity in my outfit matters. One pair of ‘special occasion’ flats and one or two pairs of party pumps or sandals are more than enough for me.

5. Take care and clean up

This is no brainer, but I thought I will call it out. Per my schedule, once in two weeks, I give all my Patents a dust off. I polish the non-patent ones that need a shine. I inspect the outer soles and insoles and try to clean them as much as I can. Please remember to rotate your shoes, if you can. Also, Archana did a wonderful post about Shoe Maintenance on her blog. I recommend everyone to take a look.

6. Find a good Shoemaker / Cobbler.


This cobbler has a sense of humor too!

I found mine and I trust him. For the amount he charged for repairing my Vara pumps, they look new and beautiful. He gave them the ‘Shoe Spa’ treatment. I see them lasting another year. If I let them go after an year, it will only be because I’m tired of them and would like to replace them.

Personal Style Lessons – Shoe Edition.

7. Stick with designers and brands that have exclusive shoe collections or are known as ‘shoe designers’. Their shoes are infinitely more comfortable.

My Ferragamo Vara pumps and Charlotte Olympia flats prove this point. Extremely comfortable. Beautiful craftsmanship. I see them lasting at least for the next 3 years. I’ve been wanting to add a pair of Manolo Blahniks pumps, hopefully by next year. I get mixed messages about Prada shoes. Some insist they are really comfortable, while others warn you against them!

8. Don’t fall for shoe trends.


Why are runway shoes always the worst?? Surprisingly, Michael Kors seems to be the voice of reason here!

Despite of this being a cardinal rule, it is a big lesson for me. Case in point: Ankle Strap shoes. They look hideous on me. They just cut off my already short legs at the worst spot, making me look more shorter. If a shoe trend is really not your style, don’t feel the pressure to wear them just because they are the ‘Summer Shoe Style every girl needs’. (Ankle Straps sandals. Wrap ups, Tie ups, RockStud cages, fur lined loafers – Save your money and if you really want to add a new trendy shoe, pick one that actually suits you!)

9. Don’t fall for all the Must-Have lists.

While it is important to ignore trends, it is also important to ignore ‘Must-Have‘ and ‘10 Basic classic shoes styles every woman should own’ lists! It would be a very sad day if I owned even 8 types of these shoes!

For instance, it is accepted universally that every woman should own a pair of wedges. I really don’t need wedge sandals for my lifestyle. They won’t serve any purpose or bring satisfaction.


Anna Wintour wears the same shoe style with every outfit!

10. Every BEAUTIFUL shoe that fits need not be bought.

I have a tendency to shop for the life that I don’t really have. Sometimes, I buy things like I am going out partying 3 times a week or as if I have 4 black tie events each month! (Illusions of Grandeur anyone?!) I ADORE all those Satin silk pumps with embellishments. Some of them are pieces of art. But Alas, I don’t go to enough parties or events in an year to justify a shoe like MB Nadira. They would just ruin my finances.

11. Don’t be afraid to buy a gently used or a pre-owned pair

My Black Vara pumps were my best buy, not only among my shoes, but among all my sartorial purchases! It might always help to look through ebay first for designer brands. I think many women, including me, own more pairs than they ever need or even want. Chances are that all these pretty shoes sitting in closets may just turn up on the internet for half the price!


I’d love to hear your ‘Shoe Wisdom’ acquired from buying and wearing shoes over the years. Also, what is your most used pair and why does it work so well for you? Do you have a cobbler?  

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  1. Another shoe post. Such a pleasure !

    I struggle with number 10. When ever I see a pair of beautifully made black flats that are affordable, I buy them.

    If I ever made a 10 things you should own post, they would be the most boring things ever. I will repeat flats, flats, flats, …. 10 times. And the internet would hate me. Those posts need to stop. They are so over played out with no personalization.


    August 1, 2016
    • SA. #

      I think your collection of flats is beautiful! Especially, those Valentino ones. I don’t think it is wrong to invest in a shoe style, as long as you know that is what embodies your style. As much as I don’t really like the whole Vogue aesthetic, I was surprised to learn that Anna Wintour stuck to one shoe style – the same Manolo Blahnik – for years! Interestingly, it works for her with every dress!

      Single sole pumps are my favorite! I love a comfortable pump – hard to find, even harder to justify the price if I only wear them a few times a month. My Must-Have Shoe list will have like 2 types, in all! Flats and Pumps – all set 🙂


      August 1, 2016
      • Someday, I will gather the courage and make the post. Someday, soon.

        p.s : I dont own a single pair of heels. I am one of those people who finds flats empowering, just like how heels make lot of women feel the same.

        Liked by 1 person

        August 1, 2016
  2. SA. #

    I used to write off the whole “heels making women feel empowered” when I was young. But, now I know what, at least a few women mean by that. For example: I have worked in teams with more men than women (sometimes more than 70%). Once in a while we get it into a healthy discussion or argument on how things need to be done. I feel better when I am at their eye level and not dwarfed – especially when the colleague in question is … a bit too egoistic or rude. Well made, comfortable heels make me feel like a woman who has her stuff together.

    At the same time, I cannot help but admire a woman in well made flats. A lady in a beautiful dress and flats makes me think ‘Liberated’.


    August 1, 2016

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