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Weekend Reading List – Mar 12


Anuschka is one of my favorite style bloggers. I routinely refer to her posts to stay focused in my style journey. Her latest post on How to expand your style horizons is so spot on!!


I subscribe to the New York magazine and Cathy Horyn’s graphic novel style review made me chuckle! Here’s is a snapshot and you can find the whole article  here . IMG_6121.JPG

We were all told how women should be taking pointers from men on How to Shop. Heck! There was a whole wave of articles on how men know to look for quality of fabric, fit and avoid impulsive shopping. Well, here is the latest article on what actually is going on.Yes, Men are Shopping like Women!!

TV and Film:

I finally got around to watching Grantchester on Amazon. What a gem of a mini series! It is only 6 episodes and one season right now. There is talk of a second season for 2016. If you like Sherlock, Miss Marple and Endeavor, you will like this for sure.

Winter is coming right at the beginning of Spring. I must say the queen wears her new hairstyle very well.

 To Think:

Equal Opportunity – sometimes it is not say black and white. If you haven’t already seen this, here is On a plate.

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this, but here’s to Solid Dudes written by Priya. I think it is part fiction and part fact. (All good stories are!). I love her narrative style!!


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