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What I bought: Jan

I know this post comes almost two months later. But, I am trying to making a habit of posting my purchase more regularly. Alrighty, let us start with the fashion purchases:AT1

#1 Ann Taylor Midi Dress: This dress stole my heart when I put it on. Keeping in line with the midi dress obsession that I’m going through, I bought it when AT ran a 40% promotional discount. A word here, I wish I waited an extra week, when they actually ran a 50% promotion! AT doesn’t really do a price adjustment. You have to return it and reorder it!! Ann Taylor, if you are listening, please go the Nordstrom way.
Coming back to the dress itself, it runs slightly large. I fit into a size 0p comfortably, though I’m actually a size 2p in AT (vanity sizing!!). Even the petite was a little long on me and I am looking to get it altered. I’ve not got around to getting it done yet.

By the way, a real shout out to Ann Taylor, they have been killing it with their dresses this season. I’ve my on eye on the below ones, though I’d think long and hard before I buy (keeping in line with my 24 items for this year)





#2 Ann Taylor Necklace: Again this is not a ‘thought out’ purchase. I’ve been meaning to add a work accessory and start getting used to wearing something other than my fine, dainty necklaces. At $15 (extra 50% off), this is really beautiful and can be worn as a double strand.

#3 Zara Dress: I got myself a Zara dress that was on sale, for $35.40 (inclusive of taxes). It is already sold out and I cannot link to it anymore. It wasn’t lined, but I have a black slip that I can pair it with.

Meanwhile, these two Zara dresses caught my eye. I’m sure they will go on sale, come April. Doesn’t the first one look like an affordable DVF dress?


This second dress mimics a watercolor print! Be still, my heart!!Zara1

Note: I am trying to wean myself of Zara this year. One dress from Zara is more than enough.

#4 Maggy London Dress: As of Feb, I haven’t worn it yet. I am planning on wearing it for my dear husband’s 30th birthday in March. This is a very pale pink one. I was not really sold on it so much, but again, my husband loved it on me! So I kept and it seems to be growing on me too!_11159022

That is 4 fashion purchases this month!!! How am I ever going to stay with in 24 purchases?! Please help me God and give me some will power! I wasted $56 on Shipping and Returns this month!! No more The RealReal and The Outnet for me!!

The Non-Fashion, big purchases

#5 The Teeter Hanger Inversion Table: My husband has been wanting to buy this for a while now. He suffers from chronic back pain at the tender age of 20 and 9! What can I say, Software jobs are the worst 😉 It’s from all the sitting and leaning into his laptop. The latest model at Costco went on $50 off manufacturer rebate. I had to grab it. I love gifting him things out of the blue (I am a gift giving addict, more about that later!). Anyway, he is happy. Makes me happy to hear less complaining about a backache!!


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