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Caught in Charlotte’s Web.. ABC Flats review

As mentioned in my Weekend Wishlist, I’ve been on the look out for maroon / burgundy shoes to match with my Longchamp crossbody bag. If you’ve ever tried to look for a pair of burgundy shoes, with a ‘walkable heel’ (under 2 inches) in a size 34, you would know my pain! Any burgundy shoe that is reasonably priced does not come in my size at all. 

Finally, it was time to acknowledge the fact that very few shoe brands make sizes 34 and 35. I looked for something with at least a 1 inch heel. But beggars tiny footers cannot be choosers!! I soo wished the the Salvatore Ferragamo Vara Pump came in a burgundy. But looks like that is not a color they’ve made in the recent two seasons. 

Finally, after searching high and low, all over the internet, there were two in the running – both flats (No chance of adding an inch or two to my height!). The choices were Nicholas Kirkwood Beya flats and Charlotte Olympia ABC Sticker flats. The NK flats start from a size 35 but run a half size small. So, I was hoping they would fit my feet. The CO flats, on the other hand,  start from a size 34 and they went on sale on Net-A-Porter!! So I ordered them first, afraid that my size would sellout as they were already low on stock.

Before I review them :

  1. These shoes are still expensive for me, even on sale. At $350, they must be among the most expensive items in my closet.
  2. I had no plans of wearing them with the stickers. The leather stickers are fun and everything, but I was not sold on putting stickers on my shoes. I have no problem wearing fun embroidered loafers like these, but my whole reason for getting these burgundy shoes was to add a more classic and timeless staple to my shoe collection.
  3. Forgive the quality of my pictures, I’m a really really bad photographer! I borrowed my husband’s DSLR for this and even then most of my pictures are still dull! It is a very cloudy day today and the lighting is so dull. So kindly bear with me as I learn how to take pictures for my blog.

The cute shoe box came with the all too familiar Net-a-Porter ribbon.




I love the message on the inside of the box lid. Inside, I found a cute alphabet book, a Polaroid sticker (to stick on the box so that you know what shoes are in the box without opening it – Isn’t that genius?!), the ABC leather stickers and the dust bag.




The Color: The shoes are a slightly grained/ pebbled leather. That is a good thing because grained leather is more scratch resistant than soft leather. I also like that they are not super shiny patent leather. The inner sole and outsole quality is superb. Italian hand made shoes can be addictive!! 



The out sole is soo supple! I don’t want to wear these beauties just so that I don’t ruin the sole – ever!!

The Fit: When I first put them on, they were so comfortable that I doubted if they actually ran a half size big! They weren’t tight like my other flats. You see, Ballet flats can sometimes be  a little snug in the toe box area. As this particular model is reminiscent of loafers, it gives a comfortable fit. Bottom line, I am in love 🙂

The final test was the color match. Did it match my Longchamp Crossbody‘s color? Maybe not exactly, but I just hoped that they wouldn’t clash too much. Well, see for yourself below:


I can’t wait to wear the shoes and the bag. At the same time, all I want to do is to ‘baby’ the shoes. Alas! shoes, even those in the realm of art have to be worn. That is their purpose. 

P.S. I don’t think I will be ordering the NK Beya flats anymore. I’m sure they are great, but I want to stop looking as I already found what I wanted. FOMO is definitely NOT a condition that I suffer from and I don’t plan on starting now.

P.P.S. My husband was looking to buy me a valentines day gift. I took the opportunity to gently point him in the direction of these shoes AFTER they arrived home. He was more than happy to pay for them as he no longer had to prod me for what I wanted!! If you were wondering what I got him, it’s the latest Fitbit HR which he had his eye on for a while 🙂 He was really happy and uses it everyday.


The alphabet book is really well thought out and the illustrations look so cute!!

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