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Step aside Pencil Skirt, this is a job for a DRESS.

When I started working in a formal work environment, I wore a pencil skirt and blouse on most days and dresses occasionally. I had a good collection of quality pencil skirts and they were a closet staple. But looks like it is time for me to retire this age old working girl’s basic. As I grow older,  I tend to put on weight around my stomach and hips even when I go up by just 2 pounds. (I am a petite person, barely standing at 5’2” when I don’t hunch!). Pencil skirts just don’t cut it anymore. Besides, even the best ones keep riding up and turning! The blouses don’t stay in and keep bunching around the hips, no matter what I try! There is quite a bit of tugging and adjusting each time I leave my seat at work. I am too old for this nonsense. So my plan for 2016 is to use my existing ones as much as I can, slowly phase them out and NOT buy any new ones.*

It took me until last year to realize that dresses are my true best friends. They never let me down. They conceal my ‘not-so-great’ / problem areas. At work, I feel ‘more myself’ in a wrap dress, shirt dress, or any plain work-appropriate dress.** I plan on embracing this more in 2016, as I let go of pencil skirts.  At the end of the day, the #1 rule of personal style is to wear more of what makes us confident, happy and comfortable – for me it is a DRESS. 

Another happy result of shopping for dresses last year? Midi dresses are my new best friends. I have been gravitating towards midi dresses since last year – both for work, casual and formal wear. Don’t these look beautiful? MidiDress Collage I think the new designers and retailers are on to something with the new ‘slightly-below-the-knee’, ‘above-the-ankle’  dresses and skirts. These are so much more elegant than any mini / fit & flare dress. I already have two midi dress that I use for work and have been on the lookout for a more casual one (something like the white lace one above)

The tricky part  for me is to find midi dresses that are right for petites. I am currently coveting this one and hoping that Shopbop runs a promotion! It might run a bit long on my frame, but nothing a good tailor can’t fix.

Go ahead and find your new best friend for the year, the one that makes you happy, cool, comfortable and puts a smile on your face each time you put it on. No more pulling and tugging! 

*My only regret is that I have some beautiful silk blouses (from Equipment and Everlane) which I will miss wearing. I will have to figure out a new way to wear them.

**I can rock a good pair of jeans, but work trousers? not so much. With my height and personality, I’ve always shied away from trousers. Button down shirts & trousers are just not my strong suit.


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