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Style Resolutions: 2016 Part 2

Style Resolutions Part 2

Now that we have established the main guidelines to my style resolutions for 2016 in Part 1, I am ready to tackle the specifics. Some of these are very specific to me and my own individual style. I had to think hard about my lifestyle, aesthetics, spending patterns and physical body type before I came up with this list. I plan on revisiting and updating to this list when needed.

  1. ‘Expensive’ doesn’t mean better quality: High-end brands are filled with a myriad of juxtapositions. The most common one? –  They produce cheap c**p and don’t think twice before pricing it exorbitantly. There are so many high-end clothes that are made of bad fabric, don’t fit well and too trendy. Ultimately, the brand name means nothing at all. PR and marketing teams of these brands go to great lengths to convince you that they are the best, telling a wonderful story of how beautiful / fashion forward / interesting / timeless their pieces are – through social media, bloggers, PR ‘video-stories’, celebrity style shoots that get made every day!  All of a sudden, every fashion blogger and celebrity is wearing the same skirt or carrying the latest ‘It-Bag’. Bottom line? It is very hard not to fall for all of this. But, I am really tired of being a consumer of endless ad campaigns and stupid trends. From now on, before buying anything, I want to spend some time doing this – Touch the fabric, read the fabric label, see the stitching quality, check if it fills a gap in your closet, mull over it for a week – do I still like it? Will I wear it enough times to justify the cost? If the items in question are bags or shoes – will they last for a few years? Is this a style that I will always love, no matter what the trends are? These are some of the questions that I should ask myself before buying.
  2. Rotate shoes and bags: This is one thing I am really bad at. I have at least 10 pairs of high quality shoes and I end up using only 2 or 3. I am always in a rush to get out of the door and slide on the same pair that is out there! Uh!.. This goes back to the ‘buy less, wear more’ rule I have in Part 1. What is the point of having such a wonderful collection if I don’t take advantage of it? Either I learn to use the accessories I have or I sell or donate them. It is no point having things I don’t really use.
  3. Identify and control my triggers: In my case, nothing gives me a swoon-inducing ‘fashion high’ like an expensive, gorgeous, totally impractical dress that can only be worn on vacations or to weddings (Sadly, I don’t attend many of those!). I love buying these dresses and letting them chill in my closet – yes utterly stupid of me! It is one of those bad habits I need to break if I plan on sticking to the ‘5% rule’ that I discussed in Part 1
  4. Figure out your basic colors (and revisit them if necessary)Black was my go to color for the last 3 to 4 years. But, I moved to Arizona a while ago and it gets pretty hot in summer. I am starting to pan out into navy, white. I plan on refining my color palette in the coming months. Hopefully, I will have a closet where most things ‘work with’ each other.
  5. Accessorize: This is one department I need to focus on. I need a few more bracelets or cuffs. Now, by no means do I want an arm-party! I have had this on my wishlist for a while. Here is another more affordable version of it. I am also learning how to mix metals (silver & gold) without them clashing. I have been looking for versatile necklace/ chain to add to my collection this year. There is such a big choice of gold over silver and 14k gold ones these days, I am not sure which one I want! I might have to go over and make a list and pick one. This, this, this and this look dainty and chic.
  6. Let it go!:  Let go of that wishlist with 25 items. Let go of that exorbitantly priced shell top that you added to your online shopping bag two weeks ago. Let go of those beautiful clothes that are too tight or too loose or cannot be altered or no longer suit your lifestyle. A big part of editing is to give away items that you no longer wear or use. But I recently realized that I cannot wash my hands off by just donating clothes to Goodwill or the local second hand store. This article got me thinking. According to the author, half of all donated clothes end up in landfills. Looks like clothes are the ‘new plastic’. So, I will have to be more careful with both my purchasing and donation choices.

What do you think of my style resolutions? Are you making any this year?

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