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Style Resolutions: 2016 – Part 1


Audrey Hepburn – She always had a ‘style uniform’. Simple, feminine silhouettes. Clean, polished hairdo. Ballet flats (a habit from her ballet dancing days?). She always looked put together without trying too hard.

I wanted to publish a ‘personal-style manifesto’ to abide by for this year. 2015 was a ‘mixed bag’ of fashion purchases (pun intended!) –  some hits and misses, some orphan pieces that don’t go with anything at all and quite a few items that were grossly overpriced and massively under-used.

This year, I wanted to write down a few rules for myself that I can revisit each time I need a whack on the head, to stop me from buying expensive, stupid ****.

I will be covering the outline rules in this post and will go over more detailed ones in later ones.

  1. Buy less, wear more: Well, duh!! It’s time I stopped living in pjs  and started making an effort to dress up. Note to Self: Just wear better clothes even when you are at home. It puts you in a better mood, and for once the UPS guy knows that you are not a vampire who sleeps all day and goes on the ‘online-shopping’ hunt at night!
  2. Hit the gym: I fell into a good workout pattern in the later part of 2015. The holiday season and a long vacation at the end of the year have taken me back to my bad, boring ‘sit-on-the-couch-and-watch-netflix’ days! It’s time to get back to the grind. The reason this is on my style resolutions? – when the clothes in your closet fit better, you shop less.
  3. Keep a list: Anyone who knows me knows that I am the queen of making lists! I have a list for daily work activities, home activities, weekly meal plans, grocery lists, home improvements, financial goals for the month, quarter and year! phew!! See, the thing with keeping a list is that even when you accomplish 50% of the things on your list, you are better off than when you did not have a list. So, I need to keep a ‘closet wishlist’ of sorts – listing the items that I’d like to add to my existing closet.  Keep editing this list checking off items when I buy them, and striking off things that are no longer wanted / don’t suit my lifestyle.
  4. Keep a tab: Keeping a wishlist is all good, but it is also important to keep track of the money spent. When you give me a list (especially a sartorial one), I can get overzealous and check everything off, and ultimately, just wreck my finances for the year. I am pretty focused like that folks! This year I decided to track my monthly expenses. My goal is to keep my fashion and beauty purchases to 5% of my yearly salary and no more (after taxes). This includes shoes, clothes, haircuts, blow-drys, beauty purchases, jewelry, alterations/ repairs. It doesn’t include workout clothes and inners. I do realize that I am already setting myself up for failure with that 5% limit. But, hey, sometimes I surprise myself!
  5. 1 hour every week: Spending one hour every weekend to organize my closet works for me. I plan on continuing this.  I spend about 40 min every weekend organizing (fold, iron, hang etc) my clothes. This makes it easier for me to see and wear what I already have! Another 20-30 min is spent cleaning my work shoes and cleaning my day bag.

This is the my list for now.  Please let me know if you think of more easy guidelines to help me on my journey.

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