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Girl bought a bag

In the last quarter of 2017, I bought my first ‘high-end’ handbag. I feel embarrassed even writing the words ‘high-end’ or God forbid ‘luxury’. I admit that these are just fancy words to convey that the price is exorbitant and eye-watering. After about 2 years of looking and mulling over, I finally bit the bullet. I got a Chanel Double Flap. Nothing ground breaking. I will not bore you with the details of the actual bag. This is a bag which has been reviewed and re-reviewed all over the internet.

I only consulted one person (a blogger friend) in my decision making. She gave great advice and helped seal the deal. Thank you H!! There is nothing left to write about the actual bag and the brand. It has all been said before! So, I thought I will take a different route and talk about the bags that were serious contenders to the Chanel Double Flap. Read more

Do I need a Clarisonic?


At the end of last year, I took advantage of the Black Friday sale at Sephora and bought the Clarisonic Mia Fit. I’ve never owned or used the Clarisonic before, though I did own a ‘clarisonic-look-alike’ (in 2014-15). I thought it would be a good to try the real one to exfoliate and scrub away dry skin caused by Retinol.

Initial thoughts: Read more

2018 – Notes To Self

The first quarter of every year is starting to become the busiest one for me.  Unplanned trips, budget allocations for new projects, taxes and work permits. I apologize for being MIA and but here are my notes to self, a month into the new year. 

Style and Body Notes

Continue exercise routine. In the last quarter of 2017, I got into a regular exercise routine. I want to keep it going this year. Ride that bike. Go to the gym. Reduce coffee intake. Keep the sugars in check. As much as one would love to cut out all sugar, bread and butter, I don’t think it is sustainable for long. For me, moderation is the way to go. Moderation and Exercise. Why is this the 1st style resolution? Because looking good in clothes starts with taking care of the body, good posture and staying healthy. A well cared for body and a healthy mind are the epitome of luxury.

Healthy Choices Read more

Anya Hindmarch Inflight Travel MakeUp Bag

I have a thing for British Designers – Anya Hindmarch, Victoria Beckham (She really has come a long way in her designs!) J W Anderson. The not-so-new crop of designers from across the pond hold my interest more than the American ones, may be because they are not entirely commercialized and splashed over every magazine here? Maybe they retain a sense of quirkiness and mix it well with quality fashion? I really don’t know.

I have heard mixed reviews about Anya Hindmarch bags. I absolutely abhor those fur charms. There is no need for them. A silk twill or a beautiful non-fur charm would do just fine if you absolutely need to accessorize your bag! Real fur charms on bags is one trend that I hope will die in 2018. And that goes for all bag designers and fashion houses including Fendi, the evil father of all fur charms. Read more

My Retin A Journey – 1st month

This year, I started using prescription Retin-A. You can read more about how I got started in my first post.

Turning 30 has made me a little more inclined to care for my skin and body in general. I am slowly stepping away from late nights, bad sugars and everything that messes up with my biological clock and system.

Here is a quick summary of using Retin-A for 1 month: Read more

Interview with H – Part 2

Here is Part 2 of my interview with H from Pret a Porter P. She talks about Buying, Shopping, Trends & Fashion and Minimalism in this part. Look out for the ‘Story of the Cursed Chanel Jacket’! Happy Reading!!

On Buying:

From reading your blog, I am aware that you haven’t bought a new bag since 2015. That is simply awesome! Thank you for inspiring me! How do keep your resolve? Especially, in a time when there are so many new IT Bags, Styles and Silhouettes. What is your advice?

Actually, I bought a bag this year, since I needed a small, cheap crossbody bag for work. Other than that I’m not aware or interested in current IT bags. And I don’t believe in paying a lot of money to have the same bag as “everyone else”  on the internet (that said, what is popular on the internet is not what’s popular in real life). My taste for luxury bags skew towards the 2000s since bags had more unique designs—which is a plus for me as they are no longer in production, long since forgotten, and have lower resale values.


Read more

Interview with H – Part 1

I discovered Pret A Porter P by H around the same time that I started blogging. Our styles are different. But that did not stop me from reading her blog voraciously and admiring her style. I felt an instant connection to what she wrote. In a world that celebrates over consumption and over exposure, her voice and style are authentic and very personal. For me, she nailed it when she wrote ‘Poor quality comes at all price ranges’.

H was really kind to indulge me with an interview! Here is the Part 1:

On Her Personal Style:

From reading your blog, I know that you could write a love letter to the color black! I am curious, when did dressing in black start?

Around 2004/2005ish, I was in fashion school and I had an embarrassing and nonsensical wardrobe. My goal was to look neat and put together so I had to get rid of a lot and start from scratch. The easiest and broke college student friendly way to do that was all black clothes. Plus around 2005, all black was the dress code for where I worked.

But when I’m off duty, especially in the summer, I do wear color and vibrant tropical prints.


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